You’ve upgraded. You’ve won. In life. You are the champion of life. Or at least of your living room.  #HisenseUpgradeSeason

And the smooth motion for live sports is… smooth. Like corner hesi pull-up in the fourth quarter smooth.  #HisenseUpgradeSeason

You head to @BestBuy and ask… no, you demand the friendly associate take you straight to the highest rated TV in the store. The Hisense 75″ 4K ULED TV.  #HisenseUpgradeSeason

You’re fed up and tired of watching bubble basketball games on that 22” TV for the last 2 months of quarantine. It’s time to upgrade and stop taking the L. #HisenseUpgradeSeason

Congrats to the first 5 winners of the Hisense Upgrade Season sweepstakes! You’ve been Upgraded!

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We’ve teamed up with @dwyanewade to upgrade 5 living rooms across the country with Hisense ULED TVs. But it’s still UPGRADE SEASON so we’re upgrading even more TVs!!!

Why do you want this UPGRADE? Follow us, like, & retweet for a chance to win. #HisenseUpgradeSeason #Sweepstakes

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